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Hi I just signed up and am setting up my service, I will most likely end up paying the $20/mth if this works well because I have a number of high-end high volume sites that I want to move to S3.

My question is, when I view stats I just get the most simple overview and none of the regular awstats detail or drill-down-ability, where is all this stuff? It basically only shows me the bulk per-month numbers and I need to know file-specific stats ideally.

Please let me know, and thanks,


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Yeah, the Webalizer reports that we're using aren't quite as easy to navigate as AWStats, but hopefully you'll find that they provide the same level of detail (if only you know where to click.)

If you scrutinize that overview page for long enough, you'll notice that the name of the month is linked up to a more detailed page full of stats and tables, down to the per-url level. You can actually drill a bit deeper from there, down to complete URL, Referrer and Browser lists.

Hopefully it will be some consolation to know that you're by no means the only person that's missed that link. We get asked this same question about once a week.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

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