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We were initially hoping to provide this service free of charge. However, watching our bandwidth usage and server costs as people started using us, it quickly became apparent that we'd need some help to cover our expenses.

So now we charge $10/month. Fair enough? We still offer the first month free, so you will at least be able to see what you're getting before parting with that precious tenner.

The Cheap Bastard Plan

Don't have ten dollars? We understand. Maybe your company doesn't have the kind of software budget of, say, Google or Facebook that can afford such things. Maybe you left your wallet in your other pants. Perhaps you're just one of those bearded Linux guys that expects everything to be free.

No worries. That's cool, you might just qualify for our Cheap Bastard Plan!

High Roller Plans

* Professional Level Pricing

If you're running a huge site with traffic over 200,000 hits per day, or if you have more than 10 buckets/distributions that need reporting, we're going to have to charge a bit more to offset our increased server costs. If you fall into that category, congratulations! You qualify for our Professional Level pricing plan, and get to pay $50/month.

** Enterprise Level Pricing

Do you live in a world where 200,000 hits is not considered huge? Does 5 Million hits per day sound more your speed? Do you have an accounting division that requires monthly invoices or, god forbid, purchase orders? Do you need a dedicated support representative and personalized incident response in the case that something goes wrong with your reports? Never fear. We have a plan for that too. For $300/month, we can provide all that and more. We'll even put on a tie when we talk to you on the phone.

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