The Cheap Bastard Plan

Software is expensive. As makers of the most costly (and only) integrated web statistics package for Cloudfront and Amazon S3, we can certainly sympathize. Many organizations that leverage the global content delivery power of Amazon Web Services simply cannot afford to pay $10/month for a service like S3STAT.

We want to let you know that we understand your plight, and as such, we are now offering our Cheap Bastard Plan to accommodate such hardship cases. Read the instructions below and decide if the Cheap Bastard Plan is right for you!

How It Works

  1. Sign up for a Free Trial and try out the product (making sure you actually want to use it)
  2. Blog about S3STAT, explaining to the world how awesome the product is, and how generous we are being to give it to a deadbeat like yourself for free.
  3. Send us an email showing us where to find that blog post.
  4. Get Hooked Up with a free, unlimited license for S3STAT.

We need to keep the lights on somehow, and there are two basic ways to pull that off. Either we bring in more money, or we stop letting money go out the door. As a customer, you can help us out on either side of that equation. Sure, most people would rather simply give us some cash in exchange for the service and that's cool. But if you're willing to help us out in the form of free advertising, well, that's just as valuable in the long run and we're more than happy to hook you up with a free license for doing so.

Really! It's only $5/month! Sign up now! Get Started! Sign up now!

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