Amazon S3 and Cloudfront Resources

Articles you need to read

Useful tools for Amazon S3

  • Amazon S3 Firefox Organizer(S3Fox)
    The original file management tool for Amazon S3. Chances are you have it already.
  • Bucket Explorer - A user interface for Amazon S3
    A little bit better option if you're dealing with lots of file transfer operations by hand. These guys are very responsive to feedback. If you ask for something, they'll probably deliver it in the next version.
  • CloudBerry S3 Explorer
    Another option for managing your S3 buckets. The Free version is super powerful, and does things like managing Cloudfront distributions, setting up Server Access Logging, and letting you specify custom headers for your files (which is useful if you're using S3/Cloudfront as a Content Delivery Network).

Want to do it the hard way?

Amazon provides developer APIs that allow you to spend several frustrating days reinventing the wheel so that you don't have to sign up for S3STAT. Here are some helpful articles and links to get you started:

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