About Us

Expat Software is a small development house staffed by Expatriate Americans. Initially a consulting shop, we'd take jobs from the mainland and execute them from the islands, giving our clients a bit of a price break for letting us keep our toes in the sand.

S3STAT grew out of our own need. We host several medium to large websites for consulting clients, and serve most of the imagery from those sites through Amazon S3 and Cloudfront. We needed a good way to track usage data on that content, and couldn't find anything that would do it for us.

From there, it was pretty straightforward: build something to serve our purposes; realize that other people might want it; polish it and throw it live. From the early response we've gotten, it sounds like a lot of people had the same need as us.

We hope that S3STAT makes your life just that little bit easier. If you have any ideas to make it better, please let us know!

Jason Kester
Expat Software

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