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we are testing your system to monitor number of downloads will receive on audio tracks (mp3) that we will host on S3.

Those audio tracks are for our podcast. We do have 27 podcasts and hundreds of mp3s linked to them.

I need to see exactly how many times each one of the tracks were downloaded.

My question is, will your system allow me to see all downloaded files or just the top download files?

Please advice as soon as possible since this is crucial for our project.



Current sample:

Joao Ribeiro
Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yes, you will be able to view reports for every url that is accessed. Here is an example of a usage report with several thousand URLs:

You'll note that the table titled "Top 30 of 34224 Total URLs" has a link at the bottom to view the full list. Hopefully, that will be sufficient to your needs.

I would caution you, however, not to rely on web log reports for any critical business process. If you absolutely need to account for every file download by every user, you would be better served using some form of passthru or redirect CGI on your own server that can perform logging directly.

Jason Kester

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Why shouldn't you rely on logs? I am doing research on stats and I need them to be as accurate as possible.

I was planning on using S3stat to track my bandwidth cost per file stored on S3. The badwidth costs are then going to be passed off to others on a file-by-file basis. (I will have under 500 files stored that range from 20MB to 1GB.)

Thank you for your help!

Adam R.
Saturday, November 8, 2008

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