Question: Support for multiple S3 accounts?


I just began evaluating S3stat -- beautiful software...

We have multiple S3 accounts and there are two, in particular, that I would like to monitor downloads. If I need to create two S3stat accounts, that's fine. However, I was wondering whether it was possible to monitor multiple S3 accounts from within a single S3stat account. And it's not about the money -- $10 USD / mo per Amazon S3 account is a bargain.

Steve Leytus

Thursday, March 23, 2023

You should actually be able to set up more than one AWS account under
a single S3stat login.

The setup tool doesn't explicitly support switching accounts, but if
you restart it using your same S3stat login and substitute AWS
credentials for a second account, it should let you add additional
endpoint for reporting from that account. They'll be grouped by AWS
account on your S3stat dashboard.

You're right that we should probably make that a bit clearer in the
setup tool.

Jason Kester
Saturday, March 25, 2023

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