where can I find the download counts for each file in the S3?

I opened both S3 and cloudfront logs.And I want to know the download counts of each file.Where can I find it?

I noticed that in the URLs part of the usage statistics files, there are Hits, KBytes and URL of each file. Does Hits mean the real download counts? It seems too big

And What does pages and files mean in the report?

Monday, October 14, 2013

Yes, "Hits" contains the number you're looking for.

The reporting package we use was built for analyzing web sites, which keep "pages" and "hits" as separate concepts (with a single page requesting multiple resources and thus scoring multiple "hits").

For download counts, you'll probably find that those numbers are pretty close to one another.

Keep in mind also that your reports will show all the traffic to your bucket, including robots, spiders, etc. For low traffic buckets, that can actually be your dominant source of traffic.

Jason Kester
Tuesday, October 15, 2013

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