log/access-log clutter

Looking at the stat screen called Files, most of the files shown as accessed are log files, with entries like:
968 log/access_log-2014-04-28-10-22-42-B99E4C4E1CC6D8DE 1 0

This is not helpful information and I want to know if there's a way to prevent them from appearing on the file list. Maybe there's a setting in S3Stat, or maybe in Amazon S3 itself? *Actually* it would be better for these files not to be included in any S3Stat reports since it has no bearing on the use of my S3 content.

You're right that we report on all traffic to your bucket, even the requests to access your logfiles for reporting. We do this because it is in fact real traffic that you're receiving (and being charged for).

The quickest way to remove that traffic from your reports would be to create a new bucket specifically to receive your logfiles and to reconfigure your S3stat settings to deliver logs there. That would leave your main bucket receiving only user traffic, thus attaining the result you were looking for.

Jason Kester
Friday, May 2, 2014

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