e-mail warning when site getting lots of traffic

Is there a way to receive e-mail warnings when S3 account is getting lots of traffic. We want to have videos that are accessible by the public as a public service. However, if one of our videos makes the news, for example, we don't want to be shocked with a huge bill if the traffic goes out of control.

I contacted S3 and they are no able to set a cap on traffic. I'd like to set maximum charge of around $30-50/month... and can live with the videos being down if that limit is exceeded.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I see what you mean. Unfortunately, the way our service works, I doubt we'd be able to help with these notifications. We don't actually crack open your logfiles ourselves, but rather run them through a 3rd party analysis package.

Since we never look at the contents of those logs or the reports they generate, we simply don't have any way to hook into the data and see the traffic spikes for which you'd like to be alerted.

You could certainly monitor the generated reports yourself, or write a script to do so for you. Apart from that, though, I'm afraid we're not much help.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

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