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This is the third time I have emailed. I have attached the last two emails below. I would like to get this figured out before my trial is up.

I am still very interested but have not heard back from my email sent last week. I have included its text below.

To Whom it may concern,
We recently signed up for to track our S3 usage on Our primary function for S3Stat is tracking with CDN node is serving content (since all video files flow through the CDN). Within your usage statistics – it lists Top 10 of X Total Site by Kbytes – in a perfect world we would be able to see all sites (and download to a local table for computation?). Would something like this be possible with the standalone tool? Essentially – if we have multiple CDNs serving content from S3 we want to total our bandwidth used by location. We would be happy to sign up for the professional level service if necessary (even though I don’t think we are quite to 100,000 hits/day).

Brian Kaiser

S3Stat username :agilesports

Brian Kaiser, Chief Technology Officer
Agile Sports Technologies, Inc. | 913.515.3300 (Cell) | |

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

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