Nightly Job Failures

Some of you may have noticed a lapse in reporting over the last few days. We´ve had in issue with the nightly job that we´re still in the process of tracking down and fixing. Once it´s resolved, we´ll endeavor to bring everybody´s stats back up to date.

Until then, you have my apologies for the missing reports.


Jason Kester
Friday, November 20, 2009

Following up on the above, we had an issue crop up with the nightly job that caused it to lapse for several accounts, starting on the 16th. Normally, I keep a close eye on the nightly run, but as is usually the case with automated jobs that run flawlessly, it picked its moment to die while I was on vacation.

In addition to fixing the issue that caused the lapse, we now have redundant monitoring on that nightly job. Unfortunately, that doesn´t mean we´ll be able to fill in those missing 3 days. It just means it´s not likely to happen again.

I apologize for the interruption.

Jason Kester

Jason Kester
Saturday, November 21, 2009

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