Hi Jason,

Right now I'm on a trial account.
I like the ease of your solution!

I want to automate
the monthly data import
of costs per file (transfer and request)
into my billing system.

Is it possible to use an API with your solution?
I cannot find anything on your website/forum about it.

Is your service able to satisfy this need?

William van Rossum
Thursday, June 15, 2017

There's no formal API for S3stat data
yet, but you might have some success in tearing apart the raw JSON
files we use to build the reports. They have all the data you'd need,
in a nice machine-readable format. Here's an example, from our sample


The files we use for the web reports are top-100 lists, so if you need
to go deeper we also save out .xl.json versions of every file, which
go to 10k entries for each metric we track. As in:


The URL formats for daily, weekly, and monthly data files should be
easy enough to figure out if you look at the network traffic to
generate one of your reports.

Go ahead and sign up for a Free Trial to see if we give you the data
you need to do your thing.

Jason Kester
Friday, June 16, 2017

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