Stats are not updated very often

Hi guys!

I've noticed the stats take a long time to process. Is there any way we can speed up this process? I need to look at the weekend stats Asap.

Thanks in advance!

Tiago Carvalho

Friday, August 16, 2019

For our Basic and Pro customers, we run reports once per day. There's a little bit of a delay, since we need to wait for Amazon to finish delivering logfiles for the day (and they sometimes lag behind for a few hours). And every once in a while you might find yourself at the end of the line, since we only have 40-odd worker machines and don't run reports in any particular order. This hits a good balance for most customers, since Analytics like ours tend to be best used to look at longer term trends rather than intra-daily fluctuations.

We do run a handful of real-time processing machines for customers on the ($300/month) Enterprise plan with particularly high traffic, or who simply need to get their numbers a bit quicker. There's still a bit of a delay on Amazon's side in delivering individual logfiles, but we process reports for them as soon as they arrive in your bucket.

We don't tend to advertise this feature since most of our customers like having that extra $290 more than they like shaving half a day off their reporting delay. If you're interested, though, let me know and I'll set things in motion to get you upgraded.

Jason Kester
Friday, August 16, 2019

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