Seems S3Stats Has Stopped Working

Last weekly e-mail received was 11/21 and no stats being reported since 11/18.

My Account Screen
shows Logging and Reporting as green./

When I go to the log directory via the AWS S3 Web I can see there are log files in there for 2022-12-01 & 2022-12-02

How do I diagnose what's wrong?

Steve Maziarz

Saturday, December 3, 2022

Sorry about that. We pushed a new build out a couple weeks ago that had an issue affecting processing for some of our customers. It took longer than we would have liked to diagnose and fix (we'll put out a post mortem in a few days explaining why in case anybody is interested), so some customers ended up with a 9 day hole in their reports.

We have completed a backfill of all the data for those days, so if anybody does still see missing days, please get in touch so that we can get them fixed.

Jason Kester
Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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