Advanced settings resets prefix?

I have setup logging some time ago on a s3 website and it does not use the access-* prefix. So when I added the site to s3stat, I deleted the prefix and the s3 urls displayed looked fine. I used verify and then it took me to the next step "enable logging". Logging at S3 was already enabled, so its unclear why this step would be necessary...but I acknowledged it just in case it was used internally by s3stat.

After doing this, I was curious since no logs had appeared. In my impatience I went back to the settings and when I clicked the advanced settings it again shows the prefix.

Does s3stat not query the s3 bucket meta-data to read these back or save the settings that I had specified? Or does it require me to have some prefix (the default for s3 website logging appears to be no prefix now- just starts with date)


Byron Guernsey

Sunday, July 5, 2015

That's correct. The web setup process currently assumes you have not yet set logging up. If you have logging in place already, you'll need to fill in those fields manually.

Jason Kester
Wednesday, July 8, 2015

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