Issue reading logfiles that have been moved to Amazon Glacier

We've been seeing a new type of failure recently, where we're able to see logfiles present in a bucket but we can't read them. Digging in further, it seems the reason for this particular class of failures is that the logfiles in question have been moved out to Amazon Glacier storage before we had a chance to read them.

Our downloader is not smart enough to fire off a request that Glacier thaw those objects temporarily so that we can come back and read them later when they're ready (which is probably a good thing considering how expensive that would be for any affected customers), so the result that you'll see as a user is that your reports will show empty.

So, long story short, if you see your reports empty, and you have your bucket set to immediately move things out to Glacier as soon as they arrive, tell it to stop doing that. Have it wait a day or so first. That way we'll have time to come by and read your logs so that we can do our thing.


Jason Kester

Friday, October 28, 2016

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