Historical Logs Charge

Hey guys,

I don't want to go back 14 months for historical logs. Initially, I added buckets that went back to 2016 out of curiosity, to test the platform.

S3Stat offered to go back 14 months, to when the buckets where created.

But in reality, the only bucket I'm interested in goes back to early April 2017. And I'd be willing to pay to go back that far. So I deleted to older buckets in hopes the charges for historical logs would change. But it didn't. Help?


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sounds like we need to work on the wording of that Historical Reporting notice. It's an optional service that we offer, and is not required to use the service. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

We do actually offer a (rather obscure) way of dialing down the number of months that you purchase (assuming agin that you want to purchase any). Look for a "?months=max" parameter on the purchase URL, and change it to ?months=2, for example.

Jason Kester
Thursday, June 29, 2017

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