Hi - I just wondered if you have any plans/policies for the GDPR? As an EU-based site we are currently reviewing all our external analytics since things like IP addresses are now explicitly within the purview of the act.

Donald I Macdonald
Monday, April 2, 2018

We're fortunate that we don't store any personal or user-identifiable information in our reporting data. While it is true that your raw logfiles do contain IP addresses that can be directly correlated to pageviews, and could therefore be interpreted as falling into the domain of the GDPR rules, that information remains within S3 and is never stored on our servers (or even in buckets within our S3 account).

We do provide aggregate information by IP address, including the count of file requests and the total byte count for a given IP address. As such, it is not something we would consider to fall into the category of personal information (as it contains no information), and therefore does not fall afoul of the Europeans (who we like and respect) nor their silly rules (which we do not).

That's handy, since we don't offer any way of deleting a single datapoint from our graphs.

We do, however store information about you, the user, since you're a customer. And therefore we are forced to treat your personal information in the manner we would have treated it anyway, without the helpful meddling of a foreign entity.

So in short, yes, to the best of my knowledge and effort, we are in fact GDPR compliant at this moment. You should have no issues using us as a customer operating in the European Union.

Jason Kester

Monday, April 2, 2018

We understand, however, that reasonable people may disagree with the above interpretation. And that reasonable people can have unreasonable bosses or legal teams that make them do silly things regardless of whether they're necessary. To address this, we have added the ability to flip your account into GDPR Paranoid Mode, whereby it will no longer store any IP addresses or show them on your reports.

You can find it in the User/Team Settings dropdown on your account page, or via this direct link:

Jason Kester
Thursday, May 31, 2018

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